Al-Moyaser App


Dental Appointments Scheduling Software.

Screenshot of the main page for the Al-Moyaser application.

Appointment management system for dental clinics and centers that care in every detail (e.g. worktimes, vacations) with powerfull reporting and highly secure. I developed the backend in C# DotNet Core and SQL Server for the database. The frontend was developed with VueJS and ElectronJS. Currently, it is running in the busiest dental center in Damascus Syria.


Offers many features that facilitate the work of staff and doctors in dental centers.

  1. Appointments
    The program makes it possible to organize appointments for dental centers very effectively and in the least possible time!

    1. Appointment series
      It is possible to create a series of appointments for a patient within his own treatment case. It is easy to book the required appointments within a specific time range and a maximum period.

    2. Compensation for canceled appointments
      Replacing canceled appointments for patients who need an appointment soon, which increases the productivity of the center and reduces the empty time for doctors.

    3. Filters
      Displaying appointments within filters according to the patient, doctor, or appointment status, in addition to displaying appointments in a way that makes it easier for the employee to add a new appointment or modify a previous one.

  2. Waiting Room
    You can know the patients who are in the waiting room, and how long ago they arrived.
    The program facilitates the management of the waiting room and printing a receipt for each patient indicating the time of enterance, in addition to processing the stage after the patient’s entering to the clinic.

  3. Statistics and reports
    Supports reports and statistics that make monitoring the center and making decisions easier and less complicated.
    Also supports reports on the center’s appointments on a specific day, with filtering support for a specific doctor and the status of the appointment.
    In addition to supporting statistics on the cases of the center’s appointments between any two periods of time.

  4. Payment Receipts
    Support generating receipts for each payment.


You can request a demo from me or you can watch this quick demo on YouTube.